Budget Friendly Items

1 Feb

Hey, we get it. Money doesn’t grow on trees. And sometimes there’s just not a lot of wiggle room in the budget when it comes to promotions. That’s why we have put together some great budget friendly ideas – all under $3.00.



Pens are an excellent budget friendly go-to! They’re a great simple item that people will reach for over and over again, (seriously, aren’t we always scrambling for a pen…) giving you a great cost per impression!



Items that can be used around the office are also great budget friendly promotions. Chiefly because the desk of customers and potential clients is prime real estate space. Think of how much time you spend at your office desk – now think of how much time your logo on an useful item would be seen on an office desk (get the picture?).



From reusable shopping totes, to cinch bags, canvas bags and more! Bags are a great item because of their reusability. Reusable shopping totes are not only environmentally friendly, but also great for getting a logo out to be seen!  Cinch bags have been especially popular lately; they’re great for both young and athletic crowds!



Another efficient budget friendly item to consider is drinkware. Items such as mugs, BPA free plastic water bottles, and koozies are excellent to give out in many different situations. Like the other items that made our list, the best promotional items are the ones with good usability – to ensure that your logo gets in front of people on a continual basis. Whether they are reaching for a mug for their morning coffee, a water bottle for their evening workout or a koozie while watching the game with friends, drinkware items are a great way to go when wanting a cost efficient item that will be used over and over again!



Of course there are many other items to consider – we here at Action Plus Ideas like to pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect promotional items for every situation. From stress ball relievers, workout towels, and hand sanitizers – there are tons of budget friendly options out there! We’re loving all these new stylus key chains! They come in a variety of colors, are easily imprintable, and having them attached to your keys means easy access for using them on your Smartphone or tablet! They’re a great affordable way to keep up with the technological trends!


Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you with even more budget friendly items!


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