Trade Show Success

29 Apr

Trade shows are a great way to exhibit your business and draw in new clients. Here are some tips to ensure that your next trade show is a successful one.

Booth Appeal: Thought and detail should be put into your entire presentation at a trade show. People should be able to easily identify you by your booth. A banner with your business name in a big simple font is a great way to do this. Make sure your booth display is cohesive and professional. If you decide to go with a theme make sure this theme carries through several aspects of your booth display. Logo’d banners and table cloths are great starting points with any display.

Promotions: This includes informational material such as leaflets, catalogs, business cards (plenty of these!) Make sure these materials have your website on them as well as easy to find contact information. The promotions category also covers branded items. Promo items are great for drawing people into your booth – some initial giveaway items could include branded pens, reusable bags, Chap stick, etc. Promotional items are great because they can easily be geared towards specific events and audiences. Going to a technology focused event? Imprinted USBs and stylus pens are great themed items.  Higher end giveaways can be kept hidden at your booth and given to any client leads or even existing clientele.

Be Engaging: Active interaction is key at trade shows. Bolster your presence by wearing your company’s T-Shirt – but don’t stop there, have additional employees wearing the company T-Shirt walk around and be seen in the crowd.  T-shirts are one of our favorite items because they are essentially walking billboards! Make sure they’re out to be seen! Standing at a booth all day trying to give your pitch can be stressful and dull. Neither of which are any good at attracting clients, so don’t be either. Instead relax and be interactive with a great attitude. Make personal connections with people. Jot down notes about the people you meet and plan to follow up with to make personal interactions more engaging as well. And remember, eye contact, a firm handshake, and a SMILE are basics that never go out of style!

Be Prepared: This is twofold. First make sure you are prepared for what is needed – like a booth setup and giveaways. Make sure you have enough informational items. Make sure that ALL items you are handing out – whether brochures or promotional items – are branded with your company information! Secondly, make sure you and your team are prepared for the day! Bring lots of water and definitely wear comfortable clothing! Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down notes. A handy trick is to write down notes on a business card right after someone hands it to you so you’ll have easy access to this information later.

The Aftermath: Besides kicking up your feet and relaxing, have a recap of the event with other teammates there with you. Talk about possible leads you guys made – what strategies worked for generating these leads and what didn’t. Make sure there is a plan for following up with leads and current clients to thank them for taking the time to stop by your booth. Discuss what you felt worked and made things flow smoothly to instill in your next trade show – also discuss what didn’t work  and improve on this for next time.



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