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Spotlight on Fitness Promotions

17 May


May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month – so we’re highlighting some great fitness themed promotional products. Fitness promotions are great for handing out at events, to clients, and even employees. From sleek looking workout gear to yoga mats and gym bags – here are some ideas to get your health themed campaign off to a running start.

Tech Oriented

fitnessblog3 fitnessblog4

Technology geared fitness gadgets are very popular. Retractable ear buds make great fitness accessories. Plug into your Smartphone or iPod and go! The retractable feature makes it perfect for easy storing afterwards. Pedometers also make great giveaway items. Encouraging more healthy and active lifestyles by counting the number of steps a person gets in a day. Available in a variety of colors – each of these items are easily customizable to fit into your marketing needs.


Workout Apparel

fitnessblog1 fitnessblog2

Sleek looking workout apparel has been a recent and great addition to the world of promotional products. Keeping up with the trends – these workout clothes combine wicking technology with lightweight slim fitting fabrics for the best in performance and style. A wide range of brands and price points makes fitness apparel an easy option no matter your budget. Plus, getting people to wear your logo around town whether it’s to the gym, out hiking, or running errands is an added bonus!


Exercise Gear

fitnessblog5 Fitnessblog6 fitnessblog7 fitnessblog8

Why not hand out something to clients that they’ll put to use in their own fitness regimens? Imprintable yoga mats, gym balls, and arm bands are all fitness essentials. We love the brightly colored exercise bands! The vibrant colors are right on trends and add a little pop to promotions. A Workout Journal with your logo imprinted on it is also a great way to associate your brand with health and fitness. A way to keep track of workouts, calories burned, and goals is a useful tool to anyone! 


Gym Bags

 fitnessblog9 fitnessblog13 fitnessblog11

Gym bags are another great promo option. These bags are made with breathable vents and ample storage. Great for the gym as well as travel! With sizable imprint areas, your logo is sure to be noticed. Made from durable materials – these are items that customers can keep using over and over again!


Water Bottles

fitness13 fitnessblog10 fitnessblog12

Water bottles are still a great go to in the promo world. Simple yet very usable. Not only do they associate well with the health and fitness category, they also are environmentally friendly. Available in a wide array of colors – water bottles are highly customizable. These features and more make the water bottle an easy, low cost, but effective marketing tool!


Be on the lookout for more May fitness and health inspired ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Trade Show Success

29 Apr

Trade shows are a great way to exhibit your business and draw in new clients. Here are some tips to ensure that your next trade show is a successful one.

Booth Appeal: Thought and detail should be put into your entire presentation at a trade show. People should be able to easily identify you by your booth. A banner with your business name in a big simple font is a great way to do this. Make sure your booth display is cohesive and professional. If you decide to go with a theme make sure this theme carries through several aspects of your booth display. Logo’d banners and table cloths are great starting points with any display.

Promotions: This includes informational material such as leaflets, catalogs, business cards (plenty of these!) Make sure these materials have your website on them as well as easy to find contact information. The promotions category also covers branded items. Promo items are great for drawing people into your booth – some initial giveaway items could include branded pens, reusable bags, Chap stick, etc. Promotional items are great because they can easily be geared towards specific events and audiences. Going to a technology focused event? Imprinted USBs and stylus pens are great themed items.  Higher end giveaways can be kept hidden at your booth and given to any client leads or even existing clientele.

Be Engaging: Active interaction is key at trade shows. Bolster your presence by wearing your company’s T-Shirt – but don’t stop there, have additional employees wearing the company T-Shirt walk around and be seen in the crowd.  T-shirts are one of our favorite items because they are essentially walking billboards! Make sure they’re out to be seen! Standing at a booth all day trying to give your pitch can be stressful and dull. Neither of which are any good at attracting clients, so don’t be either. Instead relax and be interactive with a great attitude. Make personal connections with people. Jot down notes about the people you meet and plan to follow up with to make personal interactions more engaging as well. And remember, eye contact, a firm handshake, and a SMILE are basics that never go out of style!

Be Prepared: This is twofold. First make sure you are prepared for what is needed – like a booth setup and giveaways. Make sure you have enough informational items. Make sure that ALL items you are handing out – whether brochures or promotional items – are branded with your company information! Secondly, make sure you and your team are prepared for the day! Bring lots of water and definitely wear comfortable clothing! Make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down notes. A handy trick is to write down notes on a business card right after someone hands it to you so you’ll have easy access to this information later.

The Aftermath: Besides kicking up your feet and relaxing, have a recap of the event with other teammates there with you. Talk about possible leads you guys made – what strategies worked for generating these leads and what didn’t. Make sure there is a plan for following up with leads and current clients to thank them for taking the time to stop by your booth. Discuss what you felt worked and made things flow smoothly to instill in your next trade show – also discuss what didn’t work  and improve on this for next time.


April Specials: Spotlight on Giving Back

4 Apr


April is not only a time for spring showers, it also happens to be National Autism Awareness Month and National Volunteer Month. Giving back to the community around us is an integral part to who we are here at Action Plus Ideas. This month we’re featuring some great items that fit into a month of giving back.

Promotional products are a great way to raise both awareness and funding for important causes. Big companies like Rite Aid  are embracing this approach. Recently, Rite Aid announced it’s endeavor to sell branded balloons for $1.00 to raise proceeds for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Using products as a means for fundraising not only benefits the non-profits and charities, but it also ties your company to a great cause. Promotional items are also great for handing out to volunteers and participators of fundraising and awareness events. T-Shirts with sponsor information on the back, water bottles, tote bags, and pens all make great  giveaway items. Promotional items help create a sense of unity with an organization and whomever they’re being handed out to.

We’re running some monthly specials geared towards these special events.

National Autism Awareness Month Specials

National Volunteer Month Specials

For more information on helping to raise awareness for Autism check out and search for your local chapter. Some great volunteer opportunities can be found at and for Charlotte focused opportunities be sure to sign up with

Putting Some Swing in Your Golf Themed Promotions!

21 Mar

The arrival of spring means that longer days and golf worthy weather are just around the corner. Golf themed promotions are a great way to reach out to your target audience.  From apparel to golf balls, there are a wide variety of items to choose from.

Golf bags make for great employee gifts! Our favorite this season is the Vaporlite Stand Bag by Ogio – which features a lightweight but substantial design. Golf towels are great items for their usability. Embroider with your logo and hand out as gifts or use at giveaways – clients are sure to come away with something that they can use out on the course! Golf themed kits are also making a splash this spring. These kits combine everything you need for a day out on the links. Extra tees, a ball marker, divot repair tool, sunscreen, bandages, and more all fit into this convenient clip on bag.

golf blog8golf blog golf blog2







And of course, the classic game of golf wouldn’t be the same without a classic golf polo. Nike Golf makes a great line of sportswear polos for both men and women. The shirts come equipped with Dri-FIT moisture management technology to keep you cool on the course. Nike offers a wide range of colors and fits – plus it offers the chance to place your logo alongside a highly recognizable brand.

golf blog4 golf blog5








From logo’d tees, balls, divot repair tools to golf bags and polos – the options for doing a golf themed promotion this spring are about as endless as the golf balls dotting the driving range. Contact the team here at Action Plus Ideas to get even more inspiration!

Eco-Friendly Products

8 Mar

Going green isn’t just for hippies anymore. Environmentally conscious legislation is popping up all over the country. Bans on single-use water bottles and plastic bags are becoming commonplace. Most recently, the University of Vermont became the largest of public institutions to prohibit the sale of single-use plastic water bottles on campus.  Other colleges and even towns are following suit. This trend in green initiatives is opening up lots of doors in the promotional products world. Many companies are coming out with products that are not only reusable but are made from safe and eco-friendly materials. Some of our favorite green items include BPA water bottles with built in filters and cups made from bamboo fiber.

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Plastic single-use bottles aren’t the only items getting the cold shoulder now-a-days. Plastic bags have begun to be banned in many counties across the United States as well. Enter in the reusable shopping bag. Reusable totes are one of our favorite go to items. They’ve proven to be highly effective promotional items at a very economically friendly cost point. Walk into pretty much any store and you are bound to see multiple people with their reusable bags. Many bags are now made from post-consumer recycled materials and even some from organic cotton and bamboo.


The added eco-friendly features and stylish attributes, help these items fit seamlessly into current trends and are a great way to associate your company with the green cause. Reusable items are also a great way to get your brand out in the open over and over again!

Budget Friendly Items

1 Feb

Hey, we get it. Money doesn’t grow on trees. And sometimes there’s just not a lot of wiggle room in the budget when it comes to promotions. That’s why we have put together some great budget friendly ideas – all under $3.00.



Pens are an excellent budget friendly go-to! They’re a great simple item that people will reach for over and over again, (seriously, aren’t we always scrambling for a pen…) giving you a great cost per impression!



Items that can be used around the office are also great budget friendly promotions. Chiefly because the desk of customers and potential clients is prime real estate space. Think of how much time you spend at your office desk – now think of how much time your logo on an useful item would be seen on an office desk (get the picture?).



From reusable shopping totes, to cinch bags, canvas bags and more! Bags are a great item because of their reusability. Reusable shopping totes are not only environmentally friendly, but also great for getting a logo out to be seen!  Cinch bags have been especially popular lately; they’re great for both young and athletic crowds!



Another efficient budget friendly item to consider is drinkware. Items such as mugs, BPA free plastic water bottles, and koozies are excellent to give out in many different situations. Like the other items that made our list, the best promotional items are the ones with good usability – to ensure that your logo gets in front of people on a continual basis. Whether they are reaching for a mug for their morning coffee, a water bottle for their evening workout or a koozie while watching the game with friends, drinkware items are a great way to go when wanting a cost efficient item that will be used over and over again!



Of course there are many other items to consider – we here at Action Plus Ideas like to pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect promotional items for every situation. From stress ball relievers, workout towels, and hand sanitizers – there are tons of budget friendly options out there! We’re loving all these new stylus key chains! They come in a variety of colors, are easily imprintable, and having them attached to your keys means easy access for using them on your Smartphone or tablet! They’re a great affordable way to keep up with the technological trends!


Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you with even more budget friendly items!

School Spirit

15 Jan

With students heading back to school after the holidays, it’s the perfect opportunity for a little boost in school spirit! Not only is basketball season upon us, but we’re also heading into prime spring fundraising time. Spirit themed promotions are a great way to help build unity and enthusiasm on campus. Simple items like giant foam fingers are a fun way to boost involvement in school activities. Using these items in association with school fundraisers is also a great way to bolster community support as well! Putting the names of businesses and services from around the community on these items are a great way to get these names recognized by students and parents.



From full color wrapped megaphones, to stadium cups, and cinch bags. There’s an item to fit any and all school events. One of our current favorites is the customizable EyeBlack products. Fun for athletes and fans alike! They’re easily customizable with your team colors or mascot – and are low in price – making them even more awesome!


With all these energy-boosting items, what’s left to say except… Go Team!

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