Heart Health Month

7 Jan

January 7th is the official kick off day for the American Heart Association’s America Goes Red Challenge. Geared to raise awareness for heart disease, the challenge is centered around Heart Month this February. Help support the cause while promoting your business with some great red items featured below! From heart shaped stress relievers to pedometers perfect for encouraging a healthy heart. Ask us about even more items to help promote cause awareness in conjunction with your brand!



Top Trends for 2013

12 Dec

As 2012 is winding down to an end, we’ve been on the look out for the hottest trends in the promotional world for 2013. We’ve found great things on the horizon. Modern, sleek, and bold seem to be the recurring themes for 2013. Starting with clothing, many vendors are producing high quality items that blend seamlessly with today’s trends. Bright hued fabrics, slender modern fits, made of breathable and sustainable materials. Name brands are also making their way onto the promotional products scene. Recognizable brands such as Eddie Bauer, Ogio, and Brookstone make a huge impact on clients. Take a look at all of our picks for the top trends of 2013.


Sleek work wear is making a big splash in 2013. With flattering fits and trendy colors, these timeless items have gotten a slight facelift. Similar to the fashions in department stores, this work wear makes it easy for employees to sport their company logo wherever their work takes them.

RH63_Charcoal_Model_Front_062612 RH66_MallardGreen_Model_Front_062612

Bright colors are once again going to be on the forefront of clothing trends in 2013. One of the advantages to selecting T-Shirts that are on trend is that you’ll have items that potential clients are already purchasing to put in their own closets. Making it easier to capture their attention.


Another fashion trend for 2013 are new and improved sweatshirts. No longer bulky and shapeless, more and more vendors are coming out with flattering fits of these classics in fresh new fabrics for even more of a modern take on the sweatshirt. Vintage washed fabrics, soft jersey knits. Perfect for layering pieces. Quick and easy to grab and throw on, these lightweight options ensure its a usable piece year round.                                                                              


Golf gear in the promotional world is also jumping on the sleek and modern band-wagon. New innovative fabrics are emerging with high-performance technologies. Many golf polo’s are equipped with moisture wicking capabilities, and now UV protection woven into the fabric itself. Recognizable sport brands like Nike and Ogio also make the 2013 golf selection even more appealing.

443211    712504_GarnetFire_Front

Name brands like Eddie Bauer and Brookstone are a big addition to the promotional world. Brand names are recognizable on their own. Being able to add your own company logo along with these trusted name brands associates your logo with dependability as well. Brand name items are great for employee or client gifts. They’re classic pieces that will last and be used and ensure that your logo will be seen.

m_70210 EB202_GreySteel_Model_3Q_062612

Holiday Themed Promotions

9 Nov

The holidays are around the corner, so we’re featuring a few items to welcome in the season.

Starting with these custom molded chocolates – they’re great for handing out as gifts to clients and employees! Nicely packaged in silver gift boxes, these chocolates can be molded to incorporate your logo or a ‘Happy Holiday’ saying. The smaller boxes include slits to accommodate a business card. Available in both milk and dark chocolate – a perfect sweet treat for this time of the year!

The Happy Holiday organizers help keep track of holiday shopping lists. These tiny books feature a calendar for November and December, spots to keep track of holiday events, wish lists, favorite stores and more. The perfect holiday aid to help you as you stay organized and merry as you shop and plan for the upcoming season.

Ask the team at Action Plus Ideas about other great holiday themed items to help spread the cheer (and your company) this holiday season!



The Power of the T-Shirt

5 Oct

      The marketing power of the T-shirt is often overlooked. T-shirts are simple yet highly powerful tools when it comes to marketing a company or cause – and for a variety of reasons. They get your logo out in front of countless people, help spark conversations, build up business identity, and are extremely cost effective forms of advertising.

T-shirts act as walking billboards. They spark curiosity and stir intrigue. They help drive in brand names into the minds of people who walk by them. Think of all the shirts with logos displayed on them that you walk by in a given day. Every one of those is an instance in which you were marketed to. People wearing shirts of a business automatically become an advocate for the company. As consumers, we like knowing that the cause we’re donating to, the products we buy, or the services we use would all come as recommendations from others. Branded t-shirts are not only walking billboards, they’re walking recommendations.

It’s not just others in the community wearing your company’s logo – it also is impactful when you wear it yourself. People can immediately attach you to your business with a shirt. It generates attention and can act as a conversation starter, providing more opportunities for you to network and talk with people about your business.

Whether being handed out at giveaways, given as gifts, or just for you and your employees to wear; the T-shirt is a great way to attract attention and build up your company name.

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