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Eco-Friendly Products

8 Mar

Going green isn’t just for hippies anymore. Environmentally conscious legislation is popping up all over the country. Bans on single-use water bottles and plastic bags are becoming commonplace. Most recently, the University of Vermont became the largest of public institutions to prohibit the sale of single-use plastic water bottles on campus.  Other colleges and even towns are following suit. This trend in green initiatives is opening up lots of doors in the promotional products world. Many companies are coming out with products that are not only reusable but are made from safe and eco-friendly materials. Some of our favorite green items include BPA water bottles with built in filters and cups made from bamboo fiber.

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Plastic single-use bottles aren’t the only items getting the cold shoulder now-a-days. Plastic bags have begun to be banned in many counties across the United States as well. Enter in the reusable shopping bag. Reusable totes are one of our favorite go to items. They’ve proven to be highly effective promotional items at a very economically friendly cost point. Walk into pretty much any store and you are bound to see multiple people with their reusable bags. Many bags are now made from post-consumer recycled materials and even some from organic cotton and bamboo.


The added eco-friendly features and stylish attributes, help these items fit seamlessly into current trends and are a great way to associate your company with the green cause. Reusable items are also a great way to get your brand out in the open over and over again!


The Power of the T-Shirt

5 Oct

      The marketing power of the T-shirt is often overlooked. T-shirts are simple yet highly powerful tools when it comes to marketing a company or cause – and for a variety of reasons. They get your logo out in front of countless people, help spark conversations, build up business identity, and are extremely cost effective forms of advertising.

T-shirts act as walking billboards. They spark curiosity and stir intrigue. They help drive in brand names into the minds of people who walk by them. Think of all the shirts with logos displayed on them that you walk by in a given day. Every one of those is an instance in which you were marketed to. People wearing shirts of a business automatically become an advocate for the company. As consumers, we like knowing that the cause we’re donating to, the products we buy, or the services we use would all come as recommendations from others. Branded t-shirts are not only walking billboards, they’re walking recommendations.

It’s not just others in the community wearing your company’s logo – it also is impactful when you wear it yourself. People can immediately attach you to your business with a shirt. It generates attention and can act as a conversation starter, providing more opportunities for you to network and talk with people about your business.

Whether being handed out at giveaways, given as gifts, or just for you and your employees to wear; the T-shirt is a great way to attract attention and build up your company name.

September Mailer

6 Sep

August Mailer!

15 Aug

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